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St Albans Hotel, St Albans VIC – August 2015

Level 2 of the hotel had not been used in decades, the rooms were outdated and even had old fashioned telephone table seats fixed to the walls! After a huge renovation, the venue was given a bold & quirky look – black ceilings, blinds and doors with bright green oil paintings and our green edge furniture and accessories. The hotel has been booked solid since its fantastic renovation.


The Ranch Hotel, North Ryde NSW – June 2015

The Ranch is one of ALH Groups iconic hotels and a large venue. The rooms were given a makeover in 2 stages as it is one of their busiest hotels. We installed our signature red jalapeno range furniture, pendant bedside lamps, quirky chairs and bright red outdoor furniture. There are now several different types of rooms, all with a bright and fun feel!


The Jamison Hotel, Penrith NSW – June 2015 

The Jamison hotel had outdated rooms and needed a “pick me up”. The rooms were completely gutted. We introduced a two tone feature to the existing brick work and used simple panels with usb power points as a feature in the rooms with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.


Palm Beach Hotel, Gold coast QLD – June 2015

The rooms at Palm Beach had not been used in over 30 years and still had its original fixtures and a resident ghost. A lot of work went into a completely new look. The property has been aimed at a varied client base. The furniture range designed specifically for ALH has bright green edge strip, with colourful long artworks and cushions.


Prince of Wales Hotel, Brisbane QLD – December 2014

The hotel rooms at Prince of Wales had not been used in many many years and still had all of its original fixtures. This was our first renovation for ALH so with a collaborative approach, so began the fun and friendly accommodation that is the ALH accommodation experience.