The Process

We take our role of sourcing furniture on behalf of our clients very seriously.  We’ve developed a simple pathway, intended to help clients navigate the process and understand exactly what to expect at each stage.

AFSourcing-numbers_1Your ideas

As an independent solution provider, our job is to find, manufacture and deliver exactly what you request.  And make that process as simple as possible for you



Collaborative end-to-end project management – from specification of your ideas, through to in-room furniture installation and signoff


TechnicaAFSourcing-numbers_3l drawings

Our specialised project management systems fully document the specifications for each product – and make sure that what you specify is what is actually delivered


AFSourcing-numbers_4Schedule of items

We have a history of partnering with a range of local and overseas manufacturers, so can select and manage production at the factory best suited to your needs and budget


AFSourcing-numbers_5Prototype signoff

Strict quality control systems ensure that finished products meet quality specifications


AFSourcing-numbers_6Pre-delivery QC inspection

We take care of all the details – production management and logistics, import, delivery and installation of your completed furniture


AFSourcing-numbers_7In room signoff

Post-delivery, or in room signoff as part of your property opening or refurbishment program